Managing versions#


This section only applies to installations such as the django-cms-quickstart project which use the djangocms-versioning package for versioning. django CMS’ modular architecture allows for other versioning packages, too.

Django CMS keeps track of page revisions, allowing you to revert to previous versions if needed. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to manage versions:

  1. Accessing the “manage versions” view:


    • Select “Pages…” in the page menu of the toolbar and look for the page the versions of which you want to manage.

    • Click on the status indicator to open the dropdown menu

    • Select “Manage versions…”


    • Preview or edit the page the versions of which you want to manage.

    • Click on the version menu and chose “Manage versions…”

  2. Inspecting all versions:

    Versions of a page content
    • Created and modified dates

    • Title and language

    • Username of the author

    • Status: Draft, Published, Unpublished, and Archived

    • Action buttons

  3. Acting upon versions: Actions differ by status of the version. They include

    • Edit (pencil): Edit this version (draft) or create a new draft from this version (published)

    • Archive: Mark this draft as archived for later usage

    • Revert: Create new draft from this archived or unpublished version

    • Publish: Publish this draft

    • Unpublish: Make this published version unavailable

    • Delete: Delete this draft version

    • View: Preview this version

  4. Comparing two versions:

    • Select exactly two versions to compare by checking the box on their left side

    • From the pull-down menu marked ------- select “Compare versions”

    • Click “Go”

      Comparing two versions


Only draft versions can be deleted. Outdated versions are kept on purpose.

Managing versions in Django CMS allows to understand the history of content. Drafts can be archived for later reuse. All versions currently public or once public are marked “published” or “unpublished”, respectively. The content of versions can be compared with each other.