Once you have created your site with the django CMS components you will want to customise the site and add content. To this you will need to log in and edit it.

There are different ways of accessing your user account in django CMS. Please refer to what the respective developer of your project has told you.

The default way is to add /?toolbar_on to the end of your URL and use the toolbar to log in. The banner or login page will appear, asking you for your username and password. When you first log in, these two elements have been set by the developers. Therefore, if you are not sure how to fill in these fields, please contact them.

Logging in will allow you to access your site to add, modify or delete content. You will be able to perform a lot of actions using the django CMS menu bar, which is present when you are logged in to your site.

django CMS toolbar login

Upon logging into your site, you will be able to see your site’s pages and other content with a toolbar at the top of the visible area. This toolbar is used to make changes to your site.